Developmental Improvisation is a new, revolutionary tool for teaching cognitive development and social/ emotional understanding using the art of improvisation designed specifically for the classroom.

Created by educator Linda Kellogg Fulton, based on her fifty plus years working in improvisation, it offers students a unique, beneficial, and fascinating experience-based exploration into the realm of Social Emotional Learning through imaginative excursions and cooperative play.

Developmental Improvisation provides participants an opportunity to experience all the probabilities of human behavior in realistic, authentic situations that come through a variety of safe, educational, and thrilling exercises and games.  

Developmental Improvisation provides balance to traditional education, offering students a vehicle for enhancing their intellect, cooperation, communication, and other skills by encouraging them to find solutions for any issues. This revolutionary approach to learning allows students to put their critical thinking and creative problem-solving to the test through spontaneously imaginative “What would you do?” situations.

The end result is students growing in not just their intellect, but also their compassion and instinct, making for well-rounded individuals who will be prepared for anything life has to offer.

All while having as much fun as possible!

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Linda Kellogg Fulton

Linda Kellogg Fulton is an internationally renowned teacher in the art of improvisation. With over fifty years of experience, Linda’s primary focus is on working both with kids and with educators, coaches, and other professionals who work with children using the scientifically backed new method of learning she created called Developmental Improvisation. The purpose of Developmental Improvisation is to focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) from the inside out while building life skills, unlocking hidden talents, encouraging personal growth, and preparing students for life challenges, rather than performing improv for entertainment. Linda is the founder of the award-winning Total Improv Kids, and speaks around the country and the world on Developmental Improvisation, sharing her philosophy and technique. 

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Creativity in motion creates knowledge!

Linda Kellogg Fulton